Ryan Orizabal
Director | Writer | Producer | Editor

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Due to my deep passion for films, creative storytelling, and the arts; I attended Centennial College and graduated from the Communications and Media Foundations and the Broadcasting and Film programs.

Since graduation, I have worked as a videographer, editor, and production assistant at Film-Style Weddings and Sky Blue Productions; while pursuing and honing my skills as a director, writer, and producer of short films. I have successfully completed two short films, one sneak preview, and more than a dozen screenplays. 

My award-winning short films, Huntsmen and Say No More, were featured at many film festivals including the Action on Film Megafest, the Canadian Shorts & International Film Festival, the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival, the Phoenix Shorts Film Festival, the Deep Cut Film Festival and the FLICKFAIR on Demand Festival.

Whether it is Hot Docs, The Toronto International Film Festival, or The Toronto Black Film Festival; my free time, for the most part, is spent attending and watching documentaries, short films, and feature films. I believe that attending festivals and watching other artists’ works in the filmmaking profession will help me to experience different styles and techniques.

Currently, I am working to develop as many independent short films as I can and I am trying to build up my experience; in order to fulfill my goal of directing, producing, and writing documentaries and feature films.